This web site was born from my desire to present you my activity, in a simple and reliable way: psychotherapy and more specifically that branch of individual and couple psychotherapy that originates from Carl Gustav Jung’s Analytical Psychology.
It is a therapeutic approach that allows you to help both those who are suffering from specific symptoms and those who are in a delicate and difficult phase of their existence, through the awareness of their emotional experiences and the opportunities for personal growth inherent in the moment of crisis that you are going through and allowing you to find a certain balance and psychological well-being.

More and more people decide to go to a psychologist and this request, for the help of a professional and not a family member or friend, is an indication of the awareness of something not quite right with the way we are with ourselves and with others.
Some, even if they do not know exactly what they are looking for, feel the desire to clarify a state of inner discomfort by sensing that it can lead them to find the right path for themselves.

Others, feeling that they can no longer do it alone, decide to seek help due to a past experience of suffering, while the many people who do not reach this decision end up remaining anchored to a life that does not allow them to fully express their own personality.

In interviews with the specialist in clinical psychology, also by the analysis of dreams and the representation of one’s own problems through the use of colours, one revisits one’s life story, as it was intimately lived, in its lights and shadows, thus starting the path of self-recognition.


If you need help, I am available for online interviews!
Available for psychological interviews also in English.